Parameshwari Ranga Reddy

Parameshwari was the first VLE to set up a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit at her CSC in Thurkayamjal village in Ranga Reddy district of Telangana in September 2017.

With an aim to improve menstrual hygiene of girls and women in rural areas of the district by facilitating access to affordable sanitary napkins, she started the unit with the help of CSC SPV and the women network of 'Shine' NGO.

Krishna Borude
Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Armed with an idea to improve women's health by allowing easy access to affordable and quality sanitary napkins in villages of Jalgaon district, VLE Krishna Borude has started a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit at her CSC in Pachora block of the district.

Krishna, along with four other VLEs - Gokul Sonar, Nikita Sonar, Hemlata Sonar and Anil Sonar - formed a self-help group named 'Human D e v e l o p m e n t Foundation (HDF) CSC'. The SHG monitors the working of sanitary napkin manufacturing unit. The unit manufactures 500-600 sanitary napkins on a daily basis.

Bathula Manju
Ranga Reddy, Telangana

VLE Bathula Manju has overcome all odds to embark on a bold path to bring about extraordinary change in the lives of girls and women of her village who have long suffered due to societal taboos and cultural stereotypes regarding menstruation.

Keeping in mind the problems faced by adolescent girls and women in rural parts of the society due to use of unsafe products during periods, Manju took up responsibility to improve their menstrual health by providing them sanitary napkins, which are both hygienic and affordable in their vicinity.

Aarti Behra
Angul, Odisha

The onset of menstrual periods is a normal part of women's life. However, ignorance and cultural taboos make this a hushed up affair, leading to misinformation and misconceptions about it among women and girls. Lack of access to safe menstrual products or private space forces women and girls to stay at home and lose productive hours on certain days of the month.

In order to tackle these issues related to menstrual hygiene in Angul district of Odisha, VLE Aarti Behra, inspired by CSC's 'Stree Swabhiman' initiative, has set up a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit in her village Kumanda of Banarapal block.

Jatin Patel
Anand, Gujrat

'Stree Swabhiman', CSC's movement for ensuring women's health and hygiene in rural India, has witnessed unprecedented response in the western state of Gujarat with a number of VLEs coming forward to become part of this social enterprise by setting up sanitary napkin manufacturing unit in their villages.

One of them is Jatin Patel, who is known for his commitment to social causes in the remote areas of Anand district. Inspired by CSC SPV's latest initiative, Jatin set up the sanitary napkin manufacturing unit in Maltaj village of Sojitra block.

Shamsher Ali
Maharajganj, Uttar Pradesh

Taking CSC's 'Stree Swabhiman' project one step ahead, VLE Shamsher Ali, along with 10 other VLEs, has set up a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit for providing affordable and hygienic napkins to women and girls in rural areas of Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh.

Shamsher Ali and ten other VLEs have gotten together to form 'Maharajganj Gram Star Udyami Social Welfare Society' for effective and efficient i m p l e m e n t a t i o n of the initiative. Other members of the society comprise Inamullah Siddiqui (President), Abhishek Tripathi, Pradyuman Prasad, Shaklen Ahmed, Jallauddin, Saeed Imam, Upendra Kushwaha and Krishna Kumar Singh.

Krishna, Andhra Pradesh

In rural India, lack of access to safe menstrual products impacts millions of girls and women. Girls miss school and women work, limiting them from exploring their full potential and impacting their all round development. Women and girls also suffer from health issues compounded by use of unsafe products during menstruation.

Kiran took up the challenge to free women and girls of his village from the vicious circle of disease and regressive practices pertaining to their menstrual health. He started a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit (MMU) at his NGO in Krishna district of southern state of Andhra Pradesh under CSC's project 'Stree Swabhiman'.

Swathi V.K.
Bengaluru, Karnataka

CSC's initiative 'Stree Swabhiman' to ensure women's health and hygiene has triggered a metamorphic change across rural India, with Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) playing a substantial role in galvanizing the movement. Swathi V.K. is one such VLE who has dedicated her efforts towards this social cause for uplifting the lives of girls and women from poor communities of Bangalore, who become prey to various infections due to use of unhygienic products during periods.

Swathi has started a sanitary pad manufacturing unit at her CSC at Hebbal in Bengaluru, Karnataka, to enable girls and women easy access to quality sanitary products at reasonable rates.

Om Kumar Pandey
Ranchi, Jharkhand

Om Kumar Pandey's CSC story reflects his great vision and passion towards entrepreneurship in rural India. In year 2012, he started working as a VLE in Tatisilwai panchayat of Namkum block, Ranchi. Masters in Journalism, Om Kumar Pandey worked very hard for his CSC. He quickly adapted to the CSC ecosystem and developed the IT skills necessary for CSC operations. Today, he is successfully running the CSC and delivering all the services of CSC, like PAN Card, Passport, various certificates, electricity bill, insurance, education services, train and flight tickets, etc. VLE Om Kumar says, "As the eldest child in the family, I wanted to help my family financially. My father Ved Byas Pandey, younger brother Rohit and wife have supported me in every decision. CSC is my pride."

Om Kumar is part of CSC's 'Stree Swabhiman' project in Jharkhand. He says, "For a nation like India where majority of its population resides in rural areas, such an initiative will be very beneficial. Many women in the rural parts of our country do not have access to hygienic menstrual facilities. Women and girls refrain themselves from social gatherings while on their menstrual cycle. Stree Swabhiman initiative of CSC SPV can surely work wonders for these women."

Moushmi Ghatwal
Ramgarh Cantt, Jharkhand

Moushmi Ghatwal set up her Pragya Kendra in May 2017 at Ramgarh Cantt, Jharkhand. With her proactive efforts in enabling delivery of services through CSC, she acquired recognition for herself not only from her own village but also nearby areas of Ramgarh. People visit her CSC from far remote areas to avail various services. Today, the main services being delivered from her centre are Aadhaar and PMGDISHA.

VLE Moushmi's family provided complete support to her in ensuring smooth operationalization of CSC. She gives credit for her success to her family and CSC SPV. Before setting up her CSC, people had to travel long distance to avail public and private services. In a very short span of time, CSC in their neighbourhood is rapidly changing lives for these people. They could now avail the services at their doorstep. She further adds, "People in Ramgarh area, Jharkhand know me because of my Pragya Kendra. Through CSC, I have got the opportunity to serve my people."

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